Top 10 Results from my style of training

What you can realistically expect from training with me?

  1. Increased cardio & muscular endurance – everyone within the first 30 days of following my fitness programming feels improvement in both their cardio & muscular endurance. It’s proven that when given the right stimulus, and in small progressions, the body will respond in a very positive way. And my programs are designed to do just that within each of the seven categories offered.
  2. Feel & look better within just two weeks – With the multitude of full body time efficient & isolated fitness routines offered, which work both the core and each and cardio in every workout, its only natural your body responds in a positive way, especially in the way you feel. Feeling better and looking better is guaranteed.
  3. Increased energy level – Increased energy levels and your ability to become more in tune with your body is all a part of improved health & fitness. Similar to taking your car to the car wash and feeding it a tank of gas, your body too will respond in a positive way.
  4. Sleep better – Fitness helps cool ones limbic system, especially in woman. The limbic system acts like a cooling system, and when the body is stimulated, the body will go into more regular sleeping patterns at night allowing for a good nights sleep.
  5. Perform better at work – Perform better at your home or at the gym, psychologically you will perform just the same while at work. When seeing gains physically, you will match it mentally, so expect your performance at work to improve.
  6. Fit better in clothes – a no brainer, because as your muscles become leaner, harder, firmer, your body fat percentage will also decrease. And when your clothes fit better, you will push for results even harder.
  7. Look better in the mirror – feeling proud of yourself, having an improved sense of self esteem, seeing a new and improved you in the mirror will likely provide a few smiles when looking better in the mirror.
  8. Gained confidence in yourself – Confidence is the key to life, and your gained confidence will teach you the only approval you ever needed is self-approval. But the compliments are always welcome.
  9. Ability to perform tougher routines increases – With an improved cardiovascular system, and a stronger functional you, you will have the confidence to move onto tougher programs. Programs which you thought were impossible when you first started, and now look at you.
  10. Overall, you become a happier person – how could you not. You’ve come a long way, and when looking back on your effort as well as a new and improved you… how could you not be happy! Fitness has a way of doing it to everybody who starts a fitness program and sticks with it. You could be one of them!

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