Fitness is not just about looking beautiful, it’s also about feeling beautiful!

fitness-feeling-goodFeeling good about yourself, having a sense of accomplishment while working at your own pace, knowing that you are improving day by day and coming closer to the way YOU envision yourself is truly what fitness is all about.

I feel today more than ever before, the focus leans too much towards the end result and having to look a certain way, a way in which magazines dictate. And so, so many of us get caught up in this concept when instead we should be focusing on the journey, focusing on self accomplishment and personal improvement rather than comparing yourself to others.

Being your own brand, setting your own standards, setting your own goals, making sure they are accomplish-able, further educating yourself while working hard at becoming a better you. An improved you!

And so it’s important to love who and what you see in the mirror as a result of your efforts. Do not beat yourself up but instead, be gentle on yourself. Applaud yourself. Be consistent with your efforts, and let the new you shine. Love yourself! Take The poll!



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