Try A fitness adventure while visiting NYC

Fitness Tours: A Unique Fit Way To Tour NYC

fit-tours-of-new-york-6When visiting New York City, it’s easy to get bombarded with deals and flyers from over saturated sight-seeing tourist traps. Many travel great distances to tour NYC and can feel bored and crowded by the usual setups that several well meaning agencies offer tourists . Fitness Tours of NY offers you something different, fitness tourism in the Big Apple with a splash of adventure. When you sign up for one of our fun fit new York City tours you not only get to experience the iconic beauty of the Hudson River, Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, Battery Park, Chinatown, Tribeca, Soho, but you will learn the history of these sites while getting a fantastic workout .

Our NYC tours packages include:

  • Resistance Band Training On The Hudson – If you want to take your fitness training to the next level as well as see the beautiful sites that New York has to offer, this tour is for you. Witness the sweeping views from the Hudson River Park as we introduce you to the Triangle X Training (TXT) program created by our very own Raymond Dente.
  • Power Walking Through Battery Park – Mornings in New York are like everything else here, fast paced. So join us on an energizing power walk through the famous Battery Park. Trust us when we say there is nothing more enjoyable then a brisk early morning stroll through Battery Park City on a clear summer’s day.
  • Fitness Tour Challenge – Tap into your inner strength to complete this rigorous tour. New York is amazing but so is your body. Take this opportunity to show yourself just how amazing you can be.
  • Footbiking Through New York City – Ready for heart pounding fun? The Footbike was created in Finland, they have made their way to America and now New York. We offer you a chance to experience this new form of transportation that is low impact but burns lots of calories and is a total blast.
  • Two Bridges NYC Footbiking – On this amazing tour we travel across two of New York City’s most iconic bridges the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge and discover many more iconic sites along the way.

On a Fitness Tour, you will never have to worry about being grouped together with dozens of other tourists who make it nearly impossible to get up close and personal to the sights you truly want to see. Your tour group will have no more than 6 people per tour so you can get the personalized attention and enjoy your getaway with fit minded people just like you.

There is nothing like a Fitness Tour in NYC and we promise that you will walk away with a sense of accomplishment for taking a chance on something more challenging and exciting than your typical vacation activity. Please go to our frequently asked questions page to see if your able to participate in one of our tours.

Check out this great video on Footbiking and see if you are ready to take on the ultimate NYC tour challenge.

To book a fitness tour this summer, please contact Zerve


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