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Try A fitness adventure while visiting NYC

Fitness Tours: A Unique Fit Way To Tour NYC When visiting New York City, it’s easy to get bombarded with deals and flyers from over saturated sight-seeing tourist traps. Many travel great distances to tour NYC and can feel bored and crowded by the usual setups that several well meaning agencies offer tourists . Fitness […]

Why the scale is your mortal enemy

Two things get me crazier then most. Trainers bragging about how much weight their clients have lost, and secondly, watching people step on the scale everyday only to lose the battle, and give up on their personal health. Why the scale is your mortal enemy

Fitness is not just about looking beautiful, it’s also about feeling beautiful!

Feeling good about yourself, having a sense of accomplishment while working at your own pace, knowing that you are improving day by day and coming closer to the way YOU envision yourself is truly what fitness is all about. I feel today more than ever before, the focus leans too much towards the end result […]