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Video: Fun and easy way for women’s push up

This is a fun way to get better at doing push ups. It’s a game I call twenty ones, where you will be asked to complete six push-ups, then five, then four down to one which gives you twenty one push ups. Once you can master twenty-one Take your time, progress slowly and give your […]

Why the scale is your mortal enemy

Two things get me crazier then most. Trainers bragging about how much weight their clients have lost, and secondly, watching people step on the scale everyday only to lose the battle, and give up on their personal health. Why the scale is your mortal enemy

Extreme push up challenge

In this video Ray offers a very creative yet challenging way to engage ones upper body, mental capacity and cardiovascular engine while performing just 10 push-ups per minute. Given the five styles of push-ups and two reps of each per minute, the goal is thirty minutes within his extreme section of training.

Top 10 Results from my style of training

What you can realistically expect from training with me? Increased cardio & muscular endurance – everyone within the first 30 days of following my fitness programming feels improvement in both their cardio & muscular endurance. It’s proven that when given the right stimulus, and in small progressions, the body will respond in a very positive […]